I felt lead to read through the bible from the beginning recently. I’m currently in Genesis and spent three days just making my way through the creation story. There is so much packed in there that I’ve never saw before. First of all, the creation itself is fascinating. I spend the following wifi opportunities watching documentary clips of animals and sea life. The imagination! The creativity! The colors! It still blows my mind.

My favorite part of the creation was repeated over and over, “And God said….and it was so.” Wow. I really need to learn that one. What God says will be so. In any aspect of my life, whatever God tells, I need to believe it will come to pass. Who am I to say that the Lord can’t take care of me and my situations and problems? We’re talking about the one and only God who formed the world, galaxies, and sky. He created light (Genesis 1:3) and then created the sun and the moon. “and God set them in the expanse of the heavens to give light on the earth” (Genesis 1:17) My brain can’t even begin to comprehend that.

If the Lord God Almighty can create light and then shape and mold the sun and place it in the heavens, then I should have no doubt that he’s capable of taking care of me.