What is IGNITE? 

IGNITE is a training ground for young people who are eagerly seeking God’s will and want to live a life on a mission to tell others about Jesus. These young people are challenged to immerse themselves in for a year through four different phases to ultimately mold their hearts, minds, an spirit to see the world, and themselves, as Christ does.

Phase 1: Three months of equipping at Potter’s Field Central America headquarters in Antigua, Guatemala. Using the book of Acts as a foundation, along with discipleship and teachings on missions, basic doctrine, and apologetics from staff and guest pastors from all around the nation, the students will be ready to live out a life of mission on the field.

Phase 2: The students will then be ready to serve on the field for six months. They are carefully selected and broken down into groups to serve in the various works of Potter’s Field Ministries in either Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Browning, Montana (NEW!). They will be under the supervision of the ministry.

Phase 3: Upon completion of their field assignment, the teams will come together for their one month of re-entry and debrief here in Whitefish, Montana.

Phase 4: The final phase can be most challenging as the students are then sent home to serve for the reaming two months in their local churches in an internship-like environment. It can be difficult to re-assimilate into their home life with a transformed heart, perspective, and lifestyle.


Life of the Student 

Here’s a video of class 10 during their 3 months of training in Antigua, Guatemala!

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